About Dojo Finance

Dojo Finance is here to help popularise NEAR as the #1 Layer One blockchain of choice with easily accessible technology, built for new and experienced users alike. We aim bridge the gap in our ambitions to establish mass adoption.

What drives Dojo Finance?

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A user friendly interface to allow a smooth and hassle free experience.

Decentralized - Crypto Webflow Template


Completely decentralized on the NEAR blockchain.

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Transparency with everything on the blockchain for everyone to see.

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Community Driven

A wallet built for enabling communities and ecosystems.

Our mission

Wallet access is key to helping adoption of digital assets. A seamless and safe experience is key to this. Companies building wallets are in a position to define the gateway to the decentralised web. The next stage for wallets will be to perform crucial functions with the ability to surf a directory of dApps, buy and sell tokens, manage collectibles, pay for things, verify identity, and log onto social media sites, without ever leaving the app. A crypto wallet allows users to store and retrieve their digital cryptocurrencies in a seamless manner.

In this regard, DOJO finance has come up with the idea of developing a wallet application for Near and Solana, The other major feature of the wallet is that it will allow the user to purchase, sell or even swap their cryptocurrencies. The wallet also allows the user to transfer the currencies in a seamless manner. The application also allows the user to buy crypto with fiat. The user can use this fiat currency to purchase cryptocurrencies.

DOJO Finance has the tools + expertise and experience required to develop such a platform. Our team of expert software professionals is well-versed with all enterprise business technologies and is capable of building such a solution that precisely matches all your requirements and delivers maximum operational capability. Our strengths lie in adaptive product development services for web and mobile applications, bespoke software designs and integrations, IoT, AI, and Blockchain development services.

Our story

DOJO Finance comprises of team members who love and build in and around the NEAR blockchain. We are a team of designers, engineers and enthusiasts who are all determined to onboard mass adoption into crypto and Near Protocol, doing so by lowering the barrier to entry for the typical user. Kindly inviting the next generation, through the means of our easily accessible technology.


DOJO wallet will provide a safe & easy way for you to store, buy, send, receive and swap tokens as well as collect NFTs on the NEAR blockchain with built in multi-swap feature inside, with the Solana blockchain and other proficient cryptocurrencies

Q1 2022


Secure investment for the development of the Dojo wallet.

Q2 2022


Initial Dojo wallet annoucement.

Q3 2022


Official public beta launch of Dojo wallet.

Q4 2022

Official Launch

Official launch of Dojo wallet.


Our Valued Investors